Leave some of your loot inside the rooms by using this option. Then switch to another spot from where you can see this spot. This is your ambush: When a greedy player comes to loot, simply kill him. Note that this tactics cannot be used constantly in the same room, so switch places continuously.

Clearing The Rooms

Being in a building can be dangerous- another player may already be there. So the first thing to do in a building is to clear the rooms. Buildings of Free Fire are unique: They do not have any doors. Unlike other Battel Royale games, there is no need to push a button to open doors. If you see a door, you won’t be able to open it, don’t bother. This feature is good because you can check the interior of a room without going in. Stay near a door and move your camera to check the inside. If you see another player, do not go in. Instead, go out use the window of that room for a surprise attack.


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