However, this feature is also bad because the same thing can happen to you. Always check your six while in a room and try to hide in corners. This means do not lay down right in front of a window: Anybody can see you from outside. Speaking of clearing rooms, do not forget that shotguns are the best weapons for this job. In general, weapons that you need to take aim (by clicking the right mouse button) to be able to shoot are not good for interiors. Shotguns, on the other hand, can be shot without taking aim and still hit target. In closed areas, they and still hit the target. In closed areas, they are the best weapons.

Use the Circle to your Advantage The safe zone circle can be used to your advantage, especially at this stage. During the end game, staying outside the safe zone will heavily damage you. However, you won’t die in a couple seconds. By using medkits and specific heroes, you can stay right outside the white circle and use it to spot other players.


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