Become The Best With These Tips

In Free Fire we have many tools at our disposal to become the last survivor standing, but you must also know how to use them. Discover how to become the best Free Fire player with these tips.

Choose The Right Landing Site

Choosing the landing site is only the first step to victory. Although it may seem trivial, it’s not; determining where you will start will allow you to decide whether to start the game right or not. It’s important to choose a place isolated from other players, near a city but not so close to it.

Get Equipment

As soon as we land, the first thing we have to do is to find weapons, protection, first aid kits, among other things. At the beginning of the game, the best thing to do is to grab everything we can find, as we can always improve and change the equipment.

Explore Military Sites

If there are no enemies in sight, it’s a good idea to explore sites like watchtowers, cargo containers, trenches or military tents. There are usually good loot in these kind of place, both in weaponry and supplies.

It’s not very smart to explore these areas from the beginning , but if we’re halfway though the game, there will always be things to take. Surely there will be fewer players lurking around to eliminate us.

In places like this, it’s also common to find kits to improve bulletproof vests. Pay attention as you explore because, although it’s okay to have a level one vest, it’s highly recommended to upgrade it soon. The last players will always have a powerful weapon.

Pay Attention To The Safe Area

The safe zone is described by a white circle, which we can see both on the map and in the mini-map. Inside this zone we will be safe, since, outside of it, the radioactive storm will take away from the storm, before it’s too late. Situations like this are a perfect opportunity to eliminate opponents.

Look At The Mini-Map

The mini-map is very important to avoid a whole series of threats to our survival. If you here gunshots close to you, look for the red triangles in the mini-map, as they will indicate the origin of the shots. This way you will know where there are enemies nearby. At other times, we’ll hear explosions and vehicles driven by players. Both will be marked by yellow or red dots around the mini-map. That will tell us which direction the sound is coming from.

In addition to radiation, there are also danger zones. These zones are marked by red circles with the label Danger. After a few seconds, a bomber will destroy that place, so get away as soon as possible! UAV drones reveal the position of players within the yellow circle. Never expose yourself to other, others, but stay close to see where the revealed players are.

Take Cover

All over the map there are buildings, walls, containers, stones, trees, etc. Use them as cover! The worst thing we can do in this game is be exposed. While you’re on the move, try to protect yourself with the environment so that you don’t fall out of the way in the face of observant players.

However, that means we have to move carefully. We’ll never know if behind that wall, or that wall of the building, hides an opponent with a shotgun, ready to get us out of the game with two surprise shots.

Use Vehicles With Care

The vehicles are used to move quickly to other places, where there is quality loot, and also to pass over the absent-minded players that we find on the road.

If we make too much noise, the other players will be able to hear us. For that reason, use cars, vans and motorcycles carefully, so as not to reveal our position.


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